Podcasting 101 – What the hell is a podcast?

It has come to my attention that Podcasting is not as widespread as I thought it was. The last three people I told about the show didn’t exactly know what a Podcast was. I’d like at least people I know to listen to the show, but they must be informed. If you don’t know what a podcast is please check out Podcasts on Wikipedia.com.

Pretty much a Podcast is a audio broadcast of any genere/type. What makes it a Podcast is that it is you can subscribe to it and when new episodes are released the program you use to manage your subscriptions will automatically download the episode on your computer and load it on your Digital Audio Player if you choose it to do so.

The program and digital audio player you choose is up to you. Most people, 80% of the market, own one of the Apple iPods. So, they use iTunes to subscribe to podcasts. You can search for shows in the iTunes Music Store or click a subscribe button, like the one on the sidebar to your left. After subscribing any new episodes will be loaded in iTunes and your iPod when the are released. There are many other programs like iPodder, DopplerRadio and ipodderX. There are also websites that can help you manage podcasts like http://Odeo.com and http://Podcasts.yahoo.com.

Of course it get more technical than that, but not much. Its pretty simple if you just know the basics. I hope this explanation has helped you understand what a podcast is and maybe will help you subscribe and enjoy some of the great content out there.

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