Episode 11 – 06.27.06 – Wow, it’s been a long time! Long show here!

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Let’s see. I’m in medical school in the Caribbean now. I don’t have turntables here or reliable Internet. I did however record a long show before I left and thats what I’m posting up. Sorry I haven’t been able to keep the show running. But in September I’m planning on bringing turntables down so I can start it back up. I also have another DJ that I want to put on the show as well. I’m going to try and make some shows while I’m down here using means other than turntables. I’m not even sure if people are still subscribed to this Podcast, but I’m going to keep it going. Stay tuned for some more random shows! Thanks for people that have been subscribed and haven’t seen any shows. And also thank you to everyone who has listened in the past. Here is a picture of what school looks like.

Img 2199

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